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Our Experience

We serve clients across industries/sectors with a tailored approach to each client’s individual needs. Over the years, wave supported clients in these following industries:

Financial and Investment Services



Renewable Energy


Our Clients

We work across the spectrum of social value creation for different categories of organisations.

NPO's, Charitable Trusts & Foundations

& Social Enterprises


Institutional Investors


The Experience Factory (TEF)

TEF is a social enterprise founded in 2014 by our partner Reinoud Willemsen. Over the years it has applied as successful model of recruiting long-term, unemployed graduates, as well as providing them with platforms for self-development. The approach has been a success in leading to more than 90% of the participating graduates in being retained in employment post completion. (www.experiencefactory.co.za)


The need for increased Social Impact Professionals has been the basis for further exploring the relationship between EI and TEF, which lead to inaugural Social Impact Management Graduate Programme in January 2020 (www.simgrad.co.za).

Social Value International

We have been members of Social Value International (and before that SROI Network International) since 2010 (initially via Behold SA). In later years we have been instrumental in advocating for the training and the use of the SROI methodology, culminating in leading the efforts for a local representative body. These efforts will be renewed from in 2021 going forward.

Environmental Sustainability Agency (ESA)

ESA is a for-profit enterprise that seeks IMPACT through the development of rural inclusive agri-wildlife economies in partnership with landowning communities.

ESA places people at the center of conservation solutions, with the intention of giving a chance of permanently solving the challenges faced (www.esawild.co.za)


Our partnership with ESA started in 2015, working closely in building an understanding of social impact measurement and management within their organisation and their clients, amongst them the Southern African Wildlife College and Mayibuye Game Reserve (KZN).


We have recently (2020) leveraged our partnership ESA and TEF to train 8 graduates in social impact management in a climate smart agricultural environment through SIM Grad programme with grant funding secured from Nuffic (www.nuffic.nl/en).


Our relationship with ESA has since matured towards building a solid foundation for the integration of Social Impact Measurement and Management within the agri-wildlife rural development model.

LSS Consulting

In 2020, we partnered with LSS consulting (www.lssconsulting.co.za) to explore mutually beneficial opportunities relating to Assurance services.

We have worked together in delivering on Social Impact Assurance and Due Diligence scope for an Impact Investor client. The scope entailed assessing the impact of a target investment company and providing an independent review and assurance.

The final deliverable for the client included an initial framework for future analyses, as well impact strategy development.

Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection is a boutique impact first agency based in Amsterdam (www.rainbowcollection.nl). It deliveries impact strategies and impact brand development journeys for clients in The Netherlands and abroad, with offices in Dubai recently opened.


Our partnership with Rainbow Collection enables strategic access to global opportunities and collaborations.

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