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Our Approach

  • Capacity Building is at the core of our delivery model , ensuring that clients who've gone through our impact measurement and management approach are enabled to make data and stakeholder informed impact decisions.

  • Our team of senior professionals support work hand in hand with client’s for social & sustainable impact portfolio management and improvement in the client’s impact management process.

  • Our approach considers a broader account of value including the environmental and social elements, in addition to financial returns based on a variety of frameworks, as necessary, including IRIS, SROI, GRI, SDG or other standards.

  • We are positioned to use a variety of methodologies that support impact-aligned objectives, including, GIIN IRIS+, Impact Management Project, Sustainable Development Goals SDG, and SDG Impact Certification

Our Impact Measurement

& Management Approach

Understanding the context for impact

Identify metrics for measuring impact

Impact measurement

Embedding Impact

Develop the theory of change

Data collection and analysis


Develop impact measurement and management framework


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